who's your fave - in this case what's your fave - travel buddy??



My fave ‘can’t leave home without it’ best travel buddy is my Curingmom’s Travel Buddies Bag. This one (I took it on a cruise) is FULL of everything, first aid and travel aid remedies, all of them herbal, non-pharmaceutical, no side-effects medicinals. But for the essentials while traveling, make sure you have these:


Curing Pills support good digestion. Remedy of choice when you’ve over-indulged. Food poisoning or simple nausea — Curing Pills take care of both. Great for hangovers too. Take one dose as needed as soon as needed. One dose should do it.

Peach Kernel Teapills combine rhubarb, peach kernel and flax seed to unblock bowels and resolve occasional constipation. The most common traveler’s complaint. Dosage: 8 teapills 3 times daily.

An Mien Plan the Peaceful Sleep Formula calms the mind and relaxes the body promoting restful restorative uninterrupted sleep. Dosage is 3–4 tablets at night before sleeping. If trouble sleeping persists, take 3–4 tablets, 3 times each day.


Gan Mao Ling strengthens the immune response and provides protection from high exposure encounters. Riding in crowded buses or trains or flying in planes. On travel mornings, take one dose of Gan Mao Ling (along with a packet of EmergenC is what I do). The best cold and flu resolving formula too because of the its significant amount of anti-viral herbs. This one is multi-purpose.

Pe Min Kan Wan is formulated for respiratory and seasonal nasal allergy support. Clears excess nasal discharge and infection in the sinuses. Enjoy the out of doors! Take 4–6 tablets 3 times a day.


The Great Mender/ Jin Gu Die Shang Wan/ Tendon Bone Fall Strike Pill for healthy joint and muscle support, professional athletes or weekend warriors alike. Take after a day of sightseeing, after a long hike or strenuous workout…any activity with repetitive motions. Strengthens the tendons and bones. Aids the healing of traumatic injuries. Dosage: 8 teapills once as needed or 3 times daily.

Burn Cream/ Ching Wan Hung for sunburn, rashes, poison ivy and poison oak. Stops pain & itching immediately. Heals tissue. A must-have in the kitchen. Apply immediately to affected areas. Repeat 2–3 times daily until fully healed.

White Flower Oil cools and soothes aching muscles. Stops itching from bug bites. Soak tired feet with a few drops in warm water. Relieve headache with a drop or two to the temples or forehead. Inhale and clear sinuses! Topical applications only. Apply twice or more daily & keep away from eyes.