Green First Aid Kit


Start with a GREEN First Aid Kit. Every household should have the basics. It is easy to do. And it makes good sense. With essential supplies, good medicines and simple instructions you can take care of emergencies, injuries and traumas.



Medicine Cabinet


There are more good medicines than you can imagine. The Chinese herbal pharmacy offers remedies of every kind. Teapills, tablets, powders, tinctures, oils, liniments, ointments, patches, sprays. Have we left anything out? Find out how your medicine cabinet can be full and ready with remedies that 'do no harm'.  


Recipes & How To Cook


Recipes are fun to follow. But first we have to know How To Cook. Let's find out. Let's cook from scratch. Let's get comfortable with simple cooking techniques and simple foods that nourish and satisfy. Let's be healthy with delicious meals daily.


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Taking Care of Colds & Flu


There is no time like the present to get ready. When you are sick. When your family is sick. You want medicine fast and in hand. Stock up. We can tell you what and how. Know the steps to cool down fever, treat sore throat, stop a cold, recover quickly from flu.



What's In Your Kitchen?


Utensils do matter. And not just for the gourmet chef. It counts at home. In your own kitchen. Cook well with good and simple tools. Cook happily with the fanciest ones too. What is essential? What makes it great? Fill your cupboards and drawers. Find your way in the kitchen. An adventure not to be missed.


The Best Preventions


Finding ways to be healthy and happy. We are not living in a time when only healthy and happy things happen to us. What do we do? Let's follow the old saying:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Ben Franklin might have been on to something.