pH and life


pH (potential of Hydrogen) is the measured expression of the concentration of hydrogen ions in any given solution. Or maybe more simply, pH is a measurement scale going from 0 to 14 — measuring the ratio of those hydrogen ions (H+) to the hydroxide ions (OH-) that are also present in a solution. The more H+, the more acidic.

WHAT does that mean and WHY is that of interest to me?? Because what is proper in the world of pH is what makes living and functioning possible - and proper. 


When it comes to substances and solutions, for many reasons and applications, we look for (relative) acidity or alkalinity. Something that has a low pH is acid. With a high pH, it is alkaline. 

Living organisms require a proper, if not perfect (for them), pH level to sustain their life. We humans MUST have a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Above and below that is potentially fatal. Near to 7.40 is the sweet spot. 

Growing plants thrive when their particularly required pH levels as well as nutrient levels are met. The soil must be right. The water must be right. The air must be right. Think, depleted soil, acid rain, smog. Probably not proper pH. Plants in their natural habitats or grown as crops will not flourish, and they may just die, if things go awry. 

Chemical reactions require proper pH. Molecular combinations require proper pH. Everything becoming something and staying something chemically requires proper pH. 

Acid/ Alkaline balancing is body-essential whether it be what we take inside through diet (food combining and food preparation )— or what we apply outside through cleansing and cosmetics. There is a huge amount to cover when it comes to acid/ alkaline balance in food. There are books and blogs and a good deal of research speaking to the topic. I love to talk about food... however, because part of what I do in my office is facial rejuvenation with acupuncture, what goes on the skin (especially the face), how it is cared for, is often on my mind. In my next blogs I plan to talk a little about skin and then skincare as it relates to the acid/ alkaline balancing act.