white flower oil


Almost one hundred years ago a merchant in Singapore named Gan Geog Eng created an analgesic essential oil blend for his family and for himself to use. Everyone who tried it loved it. He was convinced to produce it commercially. The name ‘White Flower’ (Pak Fah Yeow or Bai Hua You in China) was given not because the flowers providing the essential oils are white but because Gan Geog Eng’s favorite flower was white – the white narcissus. He trademarked the formula in 1935 and manufactured it in Hong Kong. White Flower Oil is a trauma staple widely used throughout Asia and quickly gaining popularity in the USA.

Although not strictly an emergency remedy only, White Flower Oil with its strong aromatic herbs will quickly relieve pain from acute sprains or strains, open sinuses, alleviate a headache, stop itching from insect bites. Include this analgesic oil in your Green First Aid Kit.

The six essential oils – Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Camphor, Menthol, and Lavender – are cooling and moving, refreshing and relieving. White Flower Oil can be directly applied, added to water or blended with another oil or lotion for ease of application.


  • For muscle strain, apply immediately and directly to the affected area. Avoid any broken or significantly inflamed skin.

  • White Flower is indicated for bruising and sprains. Again, rub directly into the affected area. For recovery, apply three times daily until healed.

  • A drop or two along the sides of the nose will open the sinuses.

  • To clear nasal congestion, inhale after adding a few drops to hot steaming water.

  • Chest congestion will be clearer after rubbing into chest or upper back.

  • A drop or two on the temples or forehead will calm a headache. Massage the temples or forehead to work it in and get relief.

  • For itching mosquito or other bug bites, a drop applied directly or with a cotton ball will do it.

  • Stiff neck? Backache? Chest congestion? Joint pain? Put a few drops on palms & rub together. Then, rub into affected area/s.

  • A few drops into hot water make a relaxing soak for tired feet.

  • Stomach pain, menstrual cramps, gas and constipation may all be relieved with a few drops rubbed into the abdomen.

  • Try a drop on the temples, behind the ears, on the belly, or inside the wrist for motion and travel sickness to stop or control nausea and dizziness.

Always be careful to KEEP AWAY FROM EYES.