reducing fever - medicinals


There are some important Fever Reducers to have on hand. I most often use the most-often-chosen homeopathic remedy for fever - Belladonna - for little ones: kids and babies. Also, Kan Herb’s Purge Heat, a heat-clearing Chinese herbal tincture, is easy to administer to kiddos. For adults, use homeopathic, tincture or the classic Chinese herbal remedy Bai Hu Tang [White Tiger Decoction]. These are Fever Reducers that work!

Homeopathic Belladonna treats a typical picture of fever due to viral coughs or colds with symptoms that come on suddenly and severely and then subside just as quickly. There is high fever with hot, red skin and flushed face or cheeks. Head is hot, radiating heat, but feet and hands still feel cool. There may be extreme thirst — or refusing to drink at all. Over-excitement, complaining, sensitive. Throbbing headache, possible earache, dry skin. Better sitting up — worse lying down. For this fever, a 30c Homeopathic Belladonna tablet every two hours until better will be the remedy.

Purge Heat Tincture is a combination of Clear Heat herbs and directional herbs that reduce infection, inflammation and heat in all the body systems or ‘burners’ — the upper, middle and lower body quadrants. For moderate to high elevated body temperature, an adult dose (12 years and up) would be 30–90 drops, 2–4 times a day. For a child 0–4 years: 15–30 drops. 4–8 years: 30–45 drops. 8–12 years: 45–60 drops. 2–4 times a day.

Four Bigs — four excess signs — are the indicators for administering Bai Hu Tang or White Tiger Decoction: Fever, Sweat, Pulse, Thirst. There can be high fever, extreme thirst, profuse sweating, irritability, headache, dry mouth and aversion to heat. Not dissimilar to the symptom list for Belladonna. This is acute high fever territory. Good to know: the presence of thirst is an indicator that the pathogen has not reached deeper levels. This may be of some comfort because facing and fixing fever often brings on worry and fear, especially in parents. 

There isn’t so much to fear from fever when you are ready and know your remedies.