yin care


Yin Care is a can’t-do-without topical herbal non-pharmaceutical herbal wash. A liquid concentrate effective for all manner of skin and gynecological presentations. In various dilutions, Yin Care becomes a compress, dressing, a wash, sitz bath or a rub. Especially if you are female, this amazing product simply must be in your medicine cabinet. Yin Care is China’s most widely used topical for bacterial, viral and fungal skin conditions and is as popular there as any OTC vaginal care product is here in the USA. Millions of bottles are sold there each year.

Yin Care is a combination of 14 highly extracted anti-pathogenic herbs. The medicinal effects depend on the blending of the cooked, condensed herbs and their distilled essential oils. In China under its Chinese name Jie Er Yin Xi Ye (“Clean Your ‘Yin’ Wash/Liquid”) Yin Care has been the focus of more than one hundred hospital and research studies providing data that can offer us confidence as to its efficacy and application.

Yin Care improves and/or resolves these now-tested conditions: acne, rosacea, allergic dermatitis, athlete’s foot, cold sores, fever blisters, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, hemorrhoids, lesions & abscesses, poison ivy, poison oak, rashes, scalp dermatitis, shingles, stings & bites, contact dermatitis, herpes zoster, erysipelis, varicose syndrome, impetigo, N. gonorrhea, cural tinea infection, candida albicans, genital herpes sores, vulvitis, cervicitis, fungal, viral or bacterial vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, vaginal discharges, side-effects of radiation for cervical cancer, STD’s and yeast infections.

Quite a list.

While the modern manufacture of Yin Care is state of the art, it is said that the Yin Care formula got its start in Chengdu as a Taoist prescription to prepare and protect the body at each of the four seasons from what we call ‘pathogenic factors’ in Chinese Medicine. Think causes of illness and precursors to disease. Chengdu is hot and humid. Topical fungal infections and other stubborn skin conditions must have been common. To make the formula available to all Chengdu, the manufacturing of the formula was implemented in 1982. Medical studies were confirming the formula’s effectiveness as a topical application. In 1991, the Chinese government approved Yin Care officially and as I mentioned already, millions of bottles are sold every year.

Why is it Yin Care?

Consider Yin and Yang, terms that designate relative & opposite qualities or aspects. Yin is ‘Female’. Yang is ‘Male’. Yin Care is a very female/gynecological-condition-resolving medicinal.

Next compare dry/damp. Dryness is yang to dampness or fluid which is yin. Yin Care resolves damp conditions. In addition, it is mostly comprised of herbs that are native to a very damp region of China.

Yin Care comes by its name quite properly!

Awhile back, one of my patients wondered if I knew of anything that might help her grandmother. She had painful, troublesome feet because of a fungal infection in her toes that she had never been able to get rid of. Over the years, it got worse and worse. I sent my patient home with a bottle of Yin Care and instructions for her grandmother to soak her feet every day and to let me know how it worked. A couple of weeks later, I got word to please send as many bottles as I had on my shelf. Yin Care had worked so well, all grandmother’s friends and acquaintances were asking for it too.

In my practice, I see so many resolutions of skin and gynecological conditions with Yin Care that I never hesitate to recommend its use. Although Yin Care is not strictly ‘emergency’ medicine, it is definitely a ‘first aid’ remedy to have on hand.