ching wan hung


burn cream

Ching Wan Hung Burn Ointment is another of China’s popular herbal topical medicines. For all degrees of burns. So effective that it is used even in hospitals for the most serious third degree burns. It should be your go-to topical first aid for burns (chemical burns and sunburns, as well as burns caused by fire, electricity, steam and scalding). Treat hemorrhoids, poison oak, poison ivy, dermatitis, acne and heat rash. Moms, use Ching Wan Hung for baby’s diaper rash. Cancer patients receiving radiation treatment will find this ointment soothing and healing.

Apply Ching Wan Hung immediately! It reduces the pain, swelling and blistering of burns and scalds. It can be applied directly to an open wound and will decrease inflammation and infection. It promotes regeneration of damaged tissue and prevents scarring. 

For simple first degree burns, simply apply the ointment. No covering is necessary. Note however, that this red salve like red Tiger Balm, can stain clothing. For more serious burns, put ointment on the burn, cover with gauze. Then, every 24 hours until completely healed, wipe ointment off along with dead skin and reapply.

Ching Wan Hung’s red color comes from the several burn-treating herbs in the ointment. 

‘Wan Hung’ means ‘myriad red ingredients’ and ‘Ching’ means ‘capital’ and refers to the origin of the formula in a capital city.

An important ingredient – and one of the red herbs – is Pistacia chinensis with its distinctive red foliage. It is used to treat ulcerations and rashes and is a common remedy for dermatitis from poison oak and ivy and similar allergens. Sanguisorba officinalis with brilliant purplish-red flowers and similarly colored root, contains tannins and saponins that dry out wounds, decrease exudation and infection and traditionally is used as a topical treatment for insect bites and scalds. The red-orange fruit of the Chaenomeles lagenaria – also with bright red-orange flowers – has abundant organic acids that inhibit bacteria growth. It is used internally and topically to treat pain (good for spasms and arthralgia), skin irritation and swelling. Ching Wan Hung Burn Cream also contains frankincense, lobelia, myrrh, carthamus flower, angelica dang gui and borneol.

Keep Ching Wan Hung in your kitchen – near the stove of course! – and in your Green First Aid Kit. An essential for emergencies!