wan hua oil

WOUND CARE is often number one in First Aid Emergency events. You can be prepared and certain that your wound will heal well and right with Wan Hua Oil… ‘Traumatic Injury Ten-Thousand Flowers Oil’.

Its name reflects the fact that several of the ingredients are flowers (hua in Chinese). Or, perhaps the "thousands" of possible applications for this wonderful oil. Whichever it may be, Wan Hua Oil is a MUST HAVE for your Green First Aid Kit.

Wan Hua Oil is one of the few topical first aid medicines that can be used on an open wound.  Most are liniments and contain alcohol, that would cause burning and pain if applied to an open wound. Wan Hua Oil is the exception (no alcohol) – and, it works wonders to close and heal wounds. Once bleeding has been stopped, apply Wan Hua Oil to an open cut or wound. Dress the wound to protect from the elements and to allow for complete healing. As with any wound, a daily re-dressing is likely necessary. Wan Hua Oil will reduce swelling; restore the skin from scalding and burns, protect against infection; soften the wounds that have hardened or are beginning to scar. 


Do not be stingy with your application of Wan Hua Oil and especially do not be stingy with time. Continue to apply and re-apply to your wound, burn or scar, even for several weeks. Wan Hua will immediately stop stinging or burning or itching and then, day by day, it will completely heal your injury. Just don’t be stingy. Use it often; use it liberally; use it for the duration. This goes for applications of any and all liniments and ointments used to heal and recover.

Applications for Wan Hua Oil:

WOUND Care:  Use on any kind of wound: a cut, scrape or abrasion, even a surgical incision, to heal and help prevent scarring. Once the skin is closed, massage the oil daily directly into the skin. Subsequent scarring will be minimal to undetectable visually and to the touch.

BURN Care:  Equally effective for healing burns and preventing scars.

EAR Care:  For ear infections and swimmers ear. To prevent swimmer’s ear, 1-2 drops directly in the ear. Tilt head, ear toward ceiling, massaging the oil inside ear with fingers, all around ear and especially working the tragus (the cartilage that covers the opening of the ear.)

Dry SKIN:  Apply Wan Hua on any dry or over-exposed skin. A sore, raw, reddened nose - from ‘over-blowing’ - or chapped lips from cold weather or common cold can be soothed with Wan Hua Oil. Taking a cotton swab soaked a bit with Wan Hua to the inside and around the nostril will do the trick.